Cryotherapy or cold treatment has been used since ancient times. Cryotherapy combined with compression is a method increasingly used and a recognized post-operative treatment by surgeons.

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Knee Support with FREEZSNOW® cold pouches
The adjustable KNEEFREEZ support, provides mild compression whilst holding the cold pouches in place. Made from a lightweight, washable fabric for greater patient comfort.

Pockets are flexible and adapted to the morphology of the patient
Frozen pockets provide a long-lasting cold for easy cold cycling without the need to refreeze the pocket every 20 minutes like gel pockets. The pouches are reusable and can be stored permanently in the freezer before or between uses. Unlike conventional gel bags, FREEZSNOW® provides a mild cold (between 0 ° C and 5 ° C), avoiding the risk of burns or damage to the tissues.


FREEZSNOW® Patented long-lasting cold formula.
Small beads of water form a snow when frozen.

Pain relief and faster recovery
This natural method allows the operated patient to reduce pain while having an anti-inflammatory (reduction of oedema), anti-haemorrhagic and analgesic effect. Its use facilitates faster recovery while limiting the use of pharmaceuticals.


Post-operative Knee Surgery


Sporting Injuries


Post sporting activity

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