Tray Whitening

Tray whitening is the absolute best way to whiten teeth in terms of shade change and long-lasting results. There is a choice between a daytime solution, which is worn for 60-90 minutes, or a night time solution which is worn overnight.  Both options are used with a custom fitted whitening tray.

Results are basically identical regardless of whichever option is adopted; it is more a matter of discussing with the patient which treatment will fit best with their lifestyle.

The treatment is fairly straight forward: gel is applied to the tray using our syringes provided. The patient will wear the tray as instructed by the dentist; the trays are taken out and rinsed when done. Patient will repeat this every day for roughly 2 weeks or slightly longer in some cases.

Only a very small amount of gel is required. Applying twice the amount of gel will not give twice the result but will increase the risk of sensitivity – there are no short-cuts to a healthy white smile!

This gel is faster acting than the carbamide peroxide option and would be worn for 60 – 90 minutes during the day. This works really well for heavily stained teeth.

This gel works in a different way to hydrogen peroxide and the percentages should not be compared. This gel has slow release ingredients so can be worn for longer periods, usually overnight.


Application Time: 60-90 minutes during the day or 4-8 hours overnight

Treatment Length: 14-21 days

Average shade change: 7.8 Shades (based on a 2 week treatment)

Results last: 12-24 month


The Brush For A Brush campaign is an exciting toothbrush donation campaign created by WhiteWash Laboratories. For every WhiteWash product sold a toothbrush is donated to a child in need.

The donated toothbrushes will be distributed through the D.E.C.A.Y Charity (Dental Education for Children and Young Adults Charity – Registered Charity Number 1,159,556), which aims to donate toothbrushes and toothpastes to children both in the UK and internationally. The charity also aims to develop an Oral Health Education Programme that will be delivered to schools to help educate young children about caring for your teeth.

Dr. Matthew Lloyd, Clinical Director of WhiteWash Laboratories, said:

“Good oral hygiene and looking after your teeth is an extremely important message to get across to children from a young age. Proper brushing of teeth is at the centre of oral cleanliness and helps prevent cavities and decay. “The Brush for a Brush campaign will have a positive impact on improving oral health and I’m hoping will give a helping hand to a lot of children and families around the world.”