Hylodent Gum Serum 75ml

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Hylodent gingival serum is an ideal solution to address bleeding gums and inflammations.
Hylodent gingival serum supports wound healing and helps to prevent inflammation after surgical procedures.
Hylodent gingival serum can sooth the irritated tissue and reduce inflammations after dental implants.
Hylodent has soothing and healing effect on irritated areas in the mouth such as  beneath ill fitting dentures.

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Product Description

Hylodent gum serum is a targeted intense care with an organic base for irritated or inflamed gums. It is applied directly on the problem areas for a caring effect to take place. The serum contains a special active complex with hyaluronic acid and xylitol. It was developed in cooperation with leading dentists using latest scientific insights.
The active complex has on the one hand an antibacterial effect to inhibit dental plaque formation and caries. On the other hand the hyaluronic acid is absorbed to supports the regenerative powers of the tissue. The gums are moistened, become tighter and fit closely to the teeth. Thus the gingival serum can help gums to heal themselves.

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