Dentagenie Interdental Soft Picks 40pcs – BP Original

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Dentagenie Interdental Picks are recommended:
• To effectively massage and strengthen gums to increase blood circulation, helping to make them more resistant to disease.
• For cleaning around implants, bridges, crowns and metal fillings.
• For people who find it difficult to use dental floss
• For eliminating potential damage to teeth and gums whilst it effectively cleans plaque and food debris from interdental spaces.
• For both bigger and smaller gaps
• To clean the hard to reach places in between braces that a toothbrush otherwise wouldn’t.

What makes Dentagenie unique?

The secret lies in the combination of materials in the wire-free brsuhes. The core is both stable and flexible, and the silicone coating cleans efficiently between the teeth feeling soft and comfortable on the gums. The non-slip grip also ensures a steady clean.

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Product Description

Dentagenie Interdental Picks are the easy and efficient way to clean between your teeth as an alternative to wooden dental picks and dental floss, leaving your mouth fresh and healthy.

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