Emmi-dent CHROME Dark Blue

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The Ultrasonic brush from Emmi-dent with its new technology offers you a totally new active principle and maximal usage. With the new micro cleaning system through pure ultrasound the brush reaches up to 96 million air oscillations per minute (pleasant “micro-massage”). In Comparison with the traditional teeth cleaning with a manual, electric or sonic brushes work with macro cleaning technology which have a mechanical rotation from 30.000-35.000 per minute. In contrast the Emmi-dent Ultrasonic brush has a rotation up to 96 million ultrasonic vibrations (air oscillations) per minute and transmits them via the bristles and micro-bubble toothpaste onto the teeth giving you a superior cleaning almost contactless. The ultrasonic vibrations are able to penetrate teeth and gums destroying bacteria and germs where bristles can’t reach like for example in cases with implants and braces.

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The Emmi-dent ultrasonic brush is 100% ultrasound

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