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Biotechnology for personalized oral therapy.
Institut Clinident has developed innovative and precise diagnostic procedures for various oral infectious diseases using gingival crevicular fluid and saliva. The technology used is real time PCR (based on microbial, yeast & mould and viral genotyping) and mass spectrometry (based on volatile organic compound “VOC”). Institut Clinident will provide a rapid analytical service along with technical support for better treatment and prevention:
· Periodontal disease
· Peri-implantitis infection
· Caries disease
· Oral cancer risk
· Unit Oral (Dental Unit Water quality)


IONYX is a company that was founded in 1993 and was established in France in the Bordeaux region. It designs and manufactures specialized endodontic devices.

The IONYX range as a whole, is intended for general practitioners devoted to improving the quality of their treatments as well as the comfort provided, was created with everyday practice and ease of use in mind.

IONYX is one of the most widely recognized specialists in the dental sector and has a worldwide presence through its powerful network of distributors. Our retailers are personally trained in the machines designed by our team so that customers can find the right solution that matches their needs.

Professional Dental Care

A bright and healthy smile is still the best business card.

Developed by one of the leading dentists throughout Europe, Hylodent® sets a complete new standard with a brand-new ingredient complex on hyaluronic base for oral and dental care. Hylodent® is unique, biological and made in Germany.

hylodent® offers luxury to care for teeth in a natural way. Without alcohol, surfactants, titanium dioxide or animal by-products. Unlike conventional products hylodent is based on the most up to date findings of dentistry’s, natural ingredients like hyaluronic acid, xylitol or the probiotic Lactobacillus reuteri.

Not only for clean teeth but supports the health of gums and oral flora. It has a strong focus on strong and healthy gums creating an environment that inhibits the growth of caries causing bacteria. Free from critical ingredients, hylodent works to keep the smile young and beautiful.

The brand was founded by the internationally recognised dentist Prof. Dr. Marcel Wainwright and Claudio Di Lucia. Its aim is to see the world of oral hygiene from a new point of view.

Based on Marcel Wainwright´s research results concerning the subject hyaluronic acid and biological oral care, as well his experiences from his daily business as a dentist are important to the development of hylodent products.

All Hylodent Products are manufactured in Germany, complying highest quality standards, Hylodent only uses selected ingredients in highest quality.


AMBELIO specializes in the postoperative cryotherapy market.
The patented Freezsnow® formula offers a stable and constant cold which is non-aggressive to the skin therefore avoiding any risk of lesions. It provides a long-lasting cold for optimal postoperative cryotherapy helping the patient recover faster and more naturally, reducing the need for pharmaceuticals.

Innovation has been a cornerstone of Acteon® group since its foundation, more than 40 years ago.

The three business units of the group are compiled of specialized teams in specific fields of expertise:

  • consumables (Acteon pharma)
  • small dental equipment (Acteon equipment)
  • dental imaging (Acteon imaging)

The driving force of their innovation is not limited only to their internal teamwork but extends to the relationships with universities and international experts, who share their motivation. This way dental professionals benefit from the best-adapted technology, fulfilling all the requirements of a modern dental practice

More than 40 high-calibre pharmacists, biologists, electronics engineers, mechanics and digital signal specialists in their research centres work to create new treatment solutions, all to ultimately benefit both the dental practitioner and the patient.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Whitewash Laboratories are an award-winning UK manufacturer of premium quality teeth whitening products. Owned by dentists, they know first-hand just how important the smile is to patients, which is why they’ve created this cutting-edge range of products to help patients gain and maintain a healthy, confident white smile.

As well as a range professional whitening products that are only available to purchase from dentist, they also have a range of maintenance products to help keep teeth beautifully white.