Easy Plate

Film Media for Testing Micro-Organisms

Easy Plate is a convenient, prepared media plate with no need for media preparation or sterilization. Easy Plate is an easy to use alternative to in-house media preparation using traditional plated media that saves time, labor and reduces waste. Using an Easy Plate takes about 1/20 volume of the traditional petri dish – saves space and allows you to run more tests with your current incubator space. Easy Plates come ready-to-use and immediately after opening the package you can place a sample suspension onto the media and start incubation.

100 tests – 4 bags 0f 25 tests

  • Simple operation, reliable results ( Easy Plate AC,CC,EC,SA is AOAC RI PTM and MicroVal Cerified. YM-R is still in progress).
  • Immediately after opening the package, enables you to place a sample suspension onto the media and to start incubation.
  • Compared to traditional plates, saves incubation space and reduces waste.

The validation was performed by a third-party organization on the following,

Product NameTarget BacteriaReference MethodValidation RangeCertification NumberCertification PDF file
Easy Plate ACTotal aerobic countISO4833-1:2013: (The method for the enumeration of microorganisms)A broad range of foods, pet food, animal feed and environmental samples2021LR102
Easy Plate CCColiformsISO 4832:2006: (The method for the enumeration of coliforms)A broad range of food2021LR104
Easy Plate ECE. coli and coliforms

ISO 16649-2:2001: (The method for the enumeration of E. coli) ISO 4832:2006: (The method for the enumeration of coliforms)

A broad range of food, pet food, and environmental samples.2021LR103
Easy Plate SAStaphylococcus aureusISO 688-1:2021 (The method for the enumeration of Staphylococcus aureus)A broad range of food2021LR105