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Diagnostic kits for infection control monitoring

NOVEO 2 Min Water Control

Noveo are experts in water microbiology and the 2 Min Water Control system is a complete chairside / field kit designed to measure the quantity of bacterium in Dental Unit Water (DUW).  Results are instant based on ATP-metry.  The ATP test kit was designed with specific criteria, such as ease of use, rapidity, and reliability.

Dental chair units are equipped with flexible, plastic tubing that supply water to all dental instruments (air / water syringe, turbine, scaler, rinsing equipment). Biofilm and bacterial contamination are often observed in the complex dental unit. Bacterial numbers per ml in DUW can reach several million overnight.

Opportunistic bacteria such as Legionella pneumophila and Pseudomonas aeruginosa have previously been revealed in biofilms.  In addition, Staphylococcus sp., isolated from DUW, could be resistant to several antibiotics.

Although 2 Min Water Control cannot tell us the type of bacteria present (usually done by PCR), we can assume by assuring that colony forming units (CFU’s) are below potable water standards (100-200 CFU’s) then the DUW is safe for patients and staff.  

Kikkoman A3 Technology

Lumitester and LuciPac are the names of the detection instrument and the reagent used for the ATP test, known as the Kikkoman A3 technology. 

The most important feature of the A3 technology is that anyone can easily quantify soil and residue on site in 10 seconds. The terms soil and residues, refers to organic substances of biological origins, such as body fluid, tissue, sebum, bacteria, and food residue. 

The Lumitester and LuciPac can detect and quantify soil and residues of all these types. Because of their ease of use, Kikkoman A3 Technology is used in a wide variety of industries, including food and beverage, healthcare, food services, janitorial services for building and cleaning services. 

Lumitester is used to detect contamination and reduce infection risk.

Viruses and pathogenic bacteria can survive for some time on environmental surfaces. Also, virus detection has been reported on so called high touch surfaces in places where many people gather droplets of saliva. 

Mucus and contamination on people’s hands have the potential to leave behind viruses and pathogens. Heavy contamination of a high touch surface may block the action of disinfectants, making cleaning and disinfection difficult and ineffective. 


For this reason, we can say that removing dirt and soil by verifying effective cleaning and washing can lead to a reduction in infection risk. 

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