Kikkoman Lumitester SMART



Adapted To The Field

Easy To Use

Consistent results and high sensitivity.  Water monitoring (with reagent kit) and surface detection (with swabs).  Advanced chemistry produces superior detection to uncover all contaminants.

Adapted to the field – compact, battery operated hand-held device.  Chairside or onsite verification tool.

Multiple field applications – industrial water, drinking water, surfaces.

Easy to standardize as everyone can determine with the same criteria. App for water control displays results in numerical value as well as colour coded bar graph.  Easy to determine, pass or fail of surface hygiene as results are displayed in numerical value.


Value For Money

Free App

Rapid on site verification of sanitation processes – measurements in 10 seconds, automatic calibration.  

Onsite test with no incubation or lab time.

Affordable, best value luminometer on the market.  Quick return on investment. Save lengthy processing time

Manage data results easily with free Apps provided.

Water monitoring

Noveo 2 MIN Water Control

A complete Field Kit designed to measure the quantity of bacteria in water with results achieved instantly. 
2 MIN Water Control test kit was conceived to meet your specific needs: Ease of Use, rapidity, reliability…

Two reagents, a few consumables and a measurement device is all you need!

Our reagent kits our manufactured in France by GL BIOCONTROL, a company specialising in water microbiology

Reliable analysis

Extraction of bacterial ATP

Rapid measurement

Test validation

  • Representative sampling volume
  • Low detection limit
  • Elimination of free ATP and inhibitors
  • Analysis of the whole sample
  • No dilution
  • High sensitivity
  • Save time
  • Instantaneous analysis of your sample
  • Only the intracellular ATP is measured
  • Quantitative results
  • Consideration of environmental parameters
  • Avoids false negatives

Surface Hygiene


The Lumitester measures the level of luminescence based on a biochemical reaction between ATP and Luciferase. The “luminescent analysis” used here enables measurement at a higher level of sensitivity than most analysis methods, and for this reason, a “luminometer” is required to pick up very feint light emissions. Conventional luminometers, however, are large, heavy, and expensive, and thus are generally not suited to environmental hygiene monitoring applications. Kikkoman has successfully broken through this barrier with the Lumitester Smart – small, lightweight, low-cost luminometer.