Kikkoman Surface Hygiene Monitoring Kit


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Lumitester SMART + LuciPac A3 Swabs (pk100)

The ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) brings you a unique and powerful advantage. The ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) is the only system available that detects all three adenylates of ATP (ATP+ADP+AMP or “A3”) all in one test providing greater sensitivity.
The independent laboratory testing has proven that the ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) detects residues and microorganisms that other kit misses.
And it’s incredibly easy to use. Just swab the way you always have, while enjoying the most advanced sensitivity and detection power available.

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Kikkoman Surface Hygiene Monitoring Kit

Kikkoman Surface Hygiene Monitoring Kit – includes Lumitester Smart & LuciPac A3 for surface hygiene detection and monitoring.  Quickly identify cleanliness of surfaces and take appropriate measures to improve cleaning processes.

Independent laboratory testing confirms that the ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) provides detection of residues at levels much lower than other tests on the market. Laboratory testing proved that A3 test resulted a digit higher than competitive products (relative light units-RLU). The ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) showed a strong presence of residue while the competitive products produced test results below typical action levels. The ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) can reduce the risk of false negative.

Detection – Kikkoman ATP test vs. Competitors

The ATP Test (Kikkoman A3) showed superior sensitivity and stability for detection compared to competitive ATP tests.


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