Easy Plate EC – E.coli / Coliforms


Easy Plate is a convenient, prepared media plate with no need for media preparation or sterilization. Easy Plate is an easy to use alternative to in-house media preparation using traditional plated media that saves time, labor and reduces waste. Using an Easy Plate as a food microbiological test kit – which is about 1/20 volume of the traditional petri dish – saves space and allows you to run more tests with your current incubator space. Easy Plates come ready-to-use and immediately after opening the package you can place a sample suspension onto the media and start incubation.

100 tests – 4 bags of 25 tests

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Easy Plate EC

Easy Plate EC is a prepared custom media formulation for detection, identification and enumeration of E. coli and non-E. coli coliforms.

A convenient time-saving, microbial test kit that includes two chromogenic substrates that cause E. coli to exhibit a blue-purple to navy blue color while non-E. coli coliforms exhibit pink to red-purple color. Allows you to distinguish each in your analysis* in approximately 24 hrs. The distinct coloring of the colonies helps to overcome common interferences in food and water testing to make testing and enumeration of E. coli and coliforms easier. While most E. coli produce β-glucuronidase, E. coli O157 does not specifically produce β-glucuronidase, and it therefore exhibits a red-purple similar to that of non-E. coli coliforms. This needs to be considered in your analysis and conclusions.

  • AOAC PTM certified
  • Packages of 100 tests in 4 separate bags containing 25 tests each.
  • The shelf life of 18 months when stored unopened at 2-8℃.


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