Easy Plate YM-R – Yeast and Mold


Easy Plate is a convenient, prepared media plate with no need for media preparation or sterilization. Easy Plate is an easy to use alternative to in-house media preparation using traditional plated media that saves time, labor and reduces waste. Using an Easy Plate takes about 1/20 volume of the traditional petri dish which saves space and allows you to run more tests with your current incubator space. Easy Plates come ready-to-use and immediately after opening the package you can place a sample suspension onto the media and start incubation.

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Easy Plate YM-R – Yeast and Mold

Easy Plate YM-R is a rapid type prepared media plates for yeast and mold. Colonies are clearly colored in 48±2 hours. A microbial test kit that has a shorter incubation time than agar media. The redox indicator creates purple colonies, making it easy to identify and count colonies. The mold colonies spread widely and form purple colonies with diffuse edges. Yeast colonies form small circles and have defined edges.


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